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nazi low riders, the northern structure, the texas syndicate and the black guerrilla family. but unlike street gangs, prison gangs don't even admit that they exist and don't let the tens of thousands of inmates that they control talk about them either. >>the mexican mafia, if you ask any inmate, what's the mexican mafia, they're going to tell you, "what are you talking about, i never even heard of that." >>does that go for all the other prison gangs in addition to the mexican mafia? >>the majority of them, yes. (laura) so the best way to get information is by going to what's known as a drop-out yard. so you can see that there are more people out on this yard and that's because this yard houses gang drop-outs. >>you're going to see blacks and whites talking. you'll see 'em, they play basketball in a mixed forum. i mean, you can see 'em, even out on the handball court, you see a hispanic and a black. so you'll see them talking more than you would on any other yard. (laura) but even here, it can be hard to get a conversation going. do you mind if we talk with you? >>i do
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1